Q. What is the weather like in Ghana?
A. Click Here for information about Ghana.


Q. How many sanitary facilities are there?
A. There’s one facility for the tent area, which includes multiple toilets. There are also showers available.


Q. My friend is also attending the vacation camp, can we stay in the same tent?
A. Yes.  That is possible. Each person will have a personal tent but there are family size tents, Tents for two and tents for three.


Q. When can I move into my tent?
A. You can move in just when you arrive


Q. When do I have to leave my tent at the campground?
A. You are expected to leave your tent/campgrounds on the departure date slated fot the program


Q. Will all students attending the camp be housed together?
A. No, you are housed separately. Tents are separated by gender.


Q. Will I have power in my tent?
A. No. We have charging points, though.




Q. How do I Register?
A. Please read the following information about the steps in the application procedure carefully:
1 Please read the General information carefully.
2 Please check our cancellation policy
3 Check if you comply with the registration requirements.
4 Go to our registration page.
5 Fill out the registration completely. (You can also download a PDF form, and send it by mail when completely filled)
6 Payment can be done by Mobile Money, Cash, Bank Transfer.
7 You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of payment.


Q. I have registered for the camp, when will I receive more information?
A. You shall receive a confirmation of registration and further information by email instantly.


Q. My registration is complete; what should I do next?
A. After making payments, Download your promotional packages and keep updated by following us via newsletter or social media (Facebook and twitter).


Q. I want to register as a group, is that possible?
A. If you want to register as a group (3-5), request the group tickets via the contact form on our website. We will contact you to arrange the tickets.


Q. Until when can I Register for the camp?
A. The registration deadline is 13th May, 2021. However, we encourage students to register as early as possible before that day.


Q. What happens if the Vacation camp is canceled or postponed? 
A. Kindly read our cancellation policy here



Q. What’s the easiest way to reach the GEG from the airport or the nearest main lorry station?
A. You can take the bus/taxi from Kotoka Airport to Kasoa last stop. On the 10th August, there will be (free) buses riding from Second Bus stop in Kasoa at the B-Debanweh Office station to The GEG, CP Last stop from 1.30 PM until 7.30 PM. If you wish to arrive later, please send an email to info@evisghana.com.


Q. When can I check-in/out?
A. You can check in on the morning of 15th of August between to 07:00 pm. You can check out on the 23rd of August from morning till noon.




Q. What should I bring with me?
A.  You will need clothing for six days, money for personal use, (Optional: laptop), etc. Do not bring anything illegal by law.




Q. Can I change Projects?
A. Yes, you can if the project isn’t fully understandable to you. Feel free to let the Group leader know about it.


Q. Can I participate in all the activities?
A. Yes. There will be an ample amount of overlap between the Activities. In fact, you are expected to be part of all activities.


Q. Can we participate as a group in different activities and projects?
A. Yes, you can.


Q. Do I need a laptop?
A. Yes, but it is not compulsory. We have free WiFi at the camp.


Q. Where can I find the program Schedule?
A. It’s on the homepage of this website. It is also downloadable here.




Q. Am I allowed to go outside the camp terrain?
A. No, you are not allowed to leave the camp terrain without a B-WEH staff or leader accompanying you.


Q. Can I charge my phone and laptop in my tent?
A. It’s not possible to have electricity in your tent. We have free charging points at the camp.


Q. What if I have special dietary needs?
A. Let us know about your needs through during registration.


Q. Where can I go with questions during the camp?
A. There will be an information tent/desk at the camp.


Q. Will my belongings be safe?
A. We shall provide 24-hour CCTV monitoring and Police presence at the camp at all times. However, you must take good care of your belongings as well.


Q. What if I fall sick at the camp; What are the measures in place?
A. There will be a sickbay on the campsite. There is also a hospital about 10 minutes walk from the camp’s location.




Q. Do I need to buy tickets to join social activities?
A. No, All social activities are included in the fee.




Q. Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
A. Kindly read our terms and conditions.


Q. How much does it cost to register for Higher Purpose?
A. The participation fees are listed on our information page.